Merseyside offers the best return on investments in property as recent studies have shown both renters and landlords are beginning recognise the opportunities the region has to offer.

A study carried out by PropTech company One & Only Pro, found all of the top ten places for investment were in the north, with Liverpool offering the best return on investment.

Their analysis utilised Artificial Intelligence to evaluate different areas in order to find the places that could offer the best returns on property investment.

One & Only Pro used one to ten scale to evaluate different areas on their potential returns, anywhere that was given a score of ten is rated as a diamond level investment.

Merseyside did particularly well in the study, with three diamond rated places in the top five.

The study confirmed Liverpool and the wider region is one of the best places to invest in the country due to the upswing the area has seen in recent years with new businesses, investments in new developments and large universities making it an exciting and vibrant place to live.

The lifestyle it has on offer has made the region a choice destination for students and millennials, in a survey TotallyMoney found Liverpool was now the fourth most attractive place to live for young renters.

This makes a HMO a particularly attractive type of property investment as a regular flow of young people move in with little prior knowledge look for rooms to occupy and new flatmates to explore the area with means there will be little chance rooms will stay empty for long.

Landlords are beginning to recognise it the opportunities for investment in region as well, because its high scoring attraction for renters is being matched by how attractive it is for property investors.

In a survey of 500 hundred landlords, Experience Invest showed Liverpool is now the third most attractive city in the country for property investment, only coming in behind the powerhouses of London and Manchester.

Their study also noted almost four in ten (39%) of landlords were planning to add to their portfolio this year, as opposed to 11% who planned on reducing theirs.

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