The UK is slowly recovering following a number of devastating storms in recent weeks. In the North West, most of the damage has been caused by high winds with many properties requiring expensive repairs by home owners. Now that the storms have passed, it’s time to start thinking about repairs and restorations, especially if you have a rental property to take care of as well as your own. It’s important to ensure your tenants are as safe as possible, as well as reducing the cost of damage to your property. Here are some of our tips for landlords to consider post-storms…

  • -Visit the house in person. Whilst your tenants would have most likely contacted you or your emergency contact if there were any problems, it’s always best to check. Make sure your tenants are safe and ask them if you can give the property a once-over to make sure there isn’t any hidden damage.
  • -Be careful around any electrical or telephone cables which may have been blown down or damaged during the storms. Even if this is affecting your property, it is not your responsibility to try and fix! Contact the appropriate bodies and make sure that your tenants stay well clear to avoid accidents.
  • -Check for gas leaks. These can be more difficult to spot but incredibly dangerous. If you suspect that the storm has caused a gas leak, evacuate the property and contact the emergency services.
  • -Be safe when undertaking a clean up. This means a hard hat, gloves and sturdy shoes. If you’re lifting anything heavy, ask someone to help to avoid injury.
  • -Check the roof. Roofing is the most common area affected by storms, so check for any fallen shingles, exposed fibreglass, missing roof panels and signs of a leak. If there are any signs of these, cover possessions with a plastic sheet to avoid damage to furniture.
  • -It may seem obvious, but if any windows have been smashed, clear up the glass! Then contact someone to replace the pane as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the property.

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