With the summer holidays soon drawing to a close, many business owners will be turning their attention to refreshing and revitalising their offices and place of employment.  Those working in retail will be starting to stock merchandise that reflects a new season.  In line with this, the renovation division of Manchester based property investment company, the Mistoria Group, are offering 10% discount on all commercial renovation projects in the month of September.

Senior Project Manager for renovations, Dave Pearson, is an interior designer and decorator and has worked with many commercial properties throughout his twenty five years in the industry.  “September is the ideal time of year to approach work with renewed enthusiasm and how your office is designed and laid out is all part of that.” he says.  “Your workplace is also indicative of how you conduct business, so a fresh, clean and well-ordered space will communicate a very clear and complete message to your clients.  The saying, ‘does where you do business reflect how you do business’ has never been more significant!”

The Mistoria Group, formed in 2009, is enjoying sustained and significant growth at the current time, with the renovations division offering a complete renovation and building solution specially designed to meet individual needs.  With a team of highly experienced professionals in place, the best quality materials and one to one contact on each project, Dave and his team are experiencing continuing business.  It is hoped that the September discount will further enhance the services they offer in the commercial sector.

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