Mistoria Group have sponsored local youngster, Callum Flynn, in his quest to raise funds for ‘Henry Dancer Days’, an organisation that supports children with cancer, particularly osteosarcoma and ewings sarcoma.  Callum was diagnosed with bone cancer on his 14th birthday in 2009.  Now fully recovered, and despite having had a replacement metal knee fitted, sportsman, Callum, is inspiring young people with disabilities with his own sporting prowess.

A member of the physical disabilities England cricket team, Callum has recently returned from a competitive two week tour in UAE, playing six games against the physical disabilities Pakistan team.  Mistoria Group agreed to present Callum with £1 for each run scored and having completed 174 runs over six full games, Callum will be donating £174 to his chosen charity.  Callum was just 16 when he embarked upon his first international tour and at 19, is still one of the youngest members of the England squad.  A player for his club, Swinton Moorside, he was keen to support North England based charity, ‘Henry Dancer Days’, as they have supported him in the past and is no stranger to fundraising, having been named ‘Britain’s Kindest Kid’ in 2011 for his fundraising efforts for Bone Cancer Research Trust.

“Henry Dancer Days provided me with a donation of £500 in order to purchase cricket equipment.” said Callum.  “They provide invaluable support to families across the UK affected by childhood cancer, so I was keen to give something back.  I am very grateful that Mistoria Group has sponsored me and thank Mish and the team for their generous contribution.”

“Callum is an inspiring young man who is making such a significant impact, both on the sport and in encouraging young people with disabilities.” said Mistoria Group’s CEO and cricket enthusiast, Mish Liyanage.  “We are more than delighted to be able to support his fundraising efforts and wish him all the best in his next international tour.”