Winter – the time to buy investment property

Believe it or not, the perfect season to make a property investment is upon us. The colder months have many advantages over the British summer when investing in property, particularly a buy-to-let property.

There are undoubtedly fewer properties on the market during autumn and winter, however if you’re looking for an HMO property investment, which you don’t mind putting some work into, rather than your perfect family home, this market is ideal for you. Less choice, and therefore less distraction by features such as decoration or gardens, means you can focus on the structure on the property and the more important elements such as room size, kitchen fittings and location. The dark and miserable weather also means that fewer people will be viewing houses, and low competition results in bargain prices.

The best month to buy is debatable. Some experts argue that November (or even early December) is the perfect time, as people may be desperate to sell before Christmas and therefore will be able to offer you a discounted price. Additionally, due to many people being incredibly busy around Christmas time or trying to cut back on luxuries to save money for presents or parties, the chances are, competition rates will be lower, again resulting in rock-bottom prices. Alternatively, others argue that you should wait until January or February to buy, as some property owners will be wanting to cut back on things they perhaps can’t afford after such an expensive season. They argue that this leads to an increase in properties on the market after the festive period, meaning you get the best of both worlds – choice and low prices.  However, you would of course be cutting it fine at this stage, with spring just around the corner.

On the high street, the end of the year means savings, and the property market is no different. Now’s the time to invest and to snap up a bargain in the student investment property market, with plenty of time to get it fixed up and kitted out ready for the next academic year. For more information on UK property investment, click here, or to contact us about any of our other services, give us a call on 0800 500 3015 or via our contact page.