Time to consider property investments in Manchester?

Manchester property investments have always been in demand. Considering the city attracts tourists from all over the world and is considered to be one of the major cities in the UK, it still possesses quite reasonable house prices making property investments in Manchester a worthy consideration.

Rental demand is high – making property investments in Manchester attractive

Although they’re not quite hitting London prices, the rental yields that can be achieved through property investments in Manchester can be quite high, especially with prime locations such as the city centre.

The city centre location is perfect for working professionals with excellent transport links and is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife making it easy to gain interest from prospective tenants.

Due to the number of major universities, Manchester property investments also attract student tenants and also international tenants – both of these often attract higher yields if the property was to operate on a house share basis.

In order to push rental yields up further, a sleek and contemporary internal specification is a much needed consideration. Outdated decor is likely to be a turn-off for busy working professionals or students who are wanting a well maintained property to move in to with minimum fuss.

Who can you talk to for further advice about property investments in Manchester?

Salford based business, The Mistoria Group have a wealth of property investments in Manchester; some buy-to-let and some HMO properties i.e. student accommodation & house shares. The team is headed up by an experienced board of directors who have many years experience of owning and managing large property portfolios who are more than happy to share their knowledge and know-how with you should you be considering purchasing an investment property in Manchester.

With an unparalleled knowledge of the Manchester area, The Mistoria Group can advise you on suitable locations and also assist with any renovations work, maintenance, letting your property out and even guide you on how best to furnish it though their group of bespoke companies.

Contact The Mistoria Group online at Manchester Property Investments or call 0800 500 3015. Alternatively, email info@mistoriagroup.com and a member of the team will respond to you as soon as possible.