Student property investments demand soars

Students have always been very much in demand. If they’re not being targeted for products, it’s for bars, nightclubs and gigs. Right now, they’re being targeted in a different way… for their accommodation needs. Student property investments have become popular with property investors and property professionals due to the financial returns that this market can provide.

Student property investments to replace traditional investments

In recent years, savers and investors have lost confidence in banks and building societies and have sought alternative investments. Stocks and shares have fluctuated quite heavily giving virtually little or no return and this has resulted in a surge of new landlords operating buy-to-let investments.

The UK population have always thought of the family home being the ultimate asset, a tangible asset that can be passed down to future generations. Now, the thought processes have stepped up a gear and people have purchased a buy-to-let or indeed a portfolio of them in order to secure adequate income when the time comes to retire. These assets can then be passed down to future generations just as a normal family home would.

Now, student property investments are very much in demand. Those operating buy-to-let properties have no doubt realised the high yields they’d receive from a HMO property compared with a buy-to-let – extra income from renting each bedroom out individually, it seems like a no brainer. However, the requirements for student property investments i.e. HMO properties can be quite stringent at times. If the property is undergoing renovation, planning permission may need to be sought, the team and work will need to adhere to building regulations and you may require a HMO license in order to operate – all this before the property is even rented out!

How can I get involved with a student property investment without the hassle?

If you’re interested in a student property investment but would like to take a ‘hands off’ approach, The Mistoria Group have a range of ‘ready-to-go’ investment properties in popular student locations such as Salford, Liverpool, Loughborough and Lincoln. The group have operated in this marketplace for several years and not only own their own HMO properties but also manage properties on behalf of external landlords who again, want to maintain that hands off approach.

To find out more information, contact Student Property Investors. You can call the team on 0800 500 3015 or email and a member of the team will respond to you as soon as possible.