Property Market improvements in 2013

Since 2007, the UK has been mired in economic recession, badly affecting property investment, but 2013 seems to have been the year when the market has taken off again.  Prices are now rising at their fastest rate for five years. Experts are predicting the housing market will have fully recovered from the credit crunch by the end of next year, with prices increasing two per cent this year and then by seven per cent in 2014.

The increase of prices in London and the South East, because of the good economic connections to the capital was predictable, but now this growth is spreading across the whole country and a strong improvement has also been noticed in the rest of the UK.

Taking advantage of this situation by seeking HMO property investment or student properties in University cities, such as Manchester or Liverpool, may demonstrate outperforming results.  Such properties are let out on a per-room basis rather than per-property basis and as the price of properties rise, so will rental prices.

The increasing evidence that a sustainable economic recovery may now be underway in our country is boosting customer confidence, and consequently helping to increase housing demand and property investment.

Last September, Bank of England governor Mark Carney affirmed that the housing market activity and consumer spending were the main factors driving the economic rebound that Britain’s economy has enjoyed since the start of the year.

Credit has now become cheaper, lower interest rates are possible thanks to Funding for Lending and are also easier to access thanks to the government’s Help to Buy scheme. With this favourable environment of cheap finance to lenders and high loan-to-value mortgages to home buyers, now is the perfect time to invest in property.

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