Liverpool in top 5 for student investment

liverpool student investmentLast month Liverpool was named one of the top five hotspots for student property investment. In a survey which examined all UK towns and cities, Liverpool came up top alongside Glasgow, Leicester, Southampton and York – making Liverpool the number one in the North West.

Liverpool’s success comes due to its high student population. The city hosts three top universities – The University of Liverpool, Liverpool Hope, and Liverpool John Moores – meaning there is an influx of fresh students every year, and a constant demand for high quality student housing. Despite the growth of investors putting their money into student property in recent years, given the exceptional number of students in Liverpool, demand still outweighs the supply, making it a “no-brainer” investment.

The number of overseas students who choose to study in the UK, also affects the demand for housing. Approximately 50% of post-graduate students are from overseas, and the number of international undergrads continues to rise. Studies show that international students often have more money to spend on their accommodation and prefer a higher standard of accommodation – often choosing to live in recently renovated apartments rather than typical student houses. It is also apparent that this standard appears to be becoming more popular among UK students as well.

Despite the number of students in Liverpool, and the supply of student houses, there is still a gap in the market for higher spec properties. While private accommodation or student apartments fulfil the demand for high quality hotel-style housing, there are still few student houses for those who want top of the line living, with the sociability of a typical student house.

Mistoria Group can help. We have a number of investment deals in the Liverpool area, all of which will be completed to Mistoria’s high standard. We specialise in the high yielding student and professional accommodation market and offer top quality properties in the North West’s most popular university cities.

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