Joint Venture

Joint Venture Investment Example

Min Capital Needed: £55,500

Nature of Investment : Buy-to-sell or Hold and Refinance

Holding Period: 4-6 month cycles

ROI: 12 to 18% cash / gearing, capital uplift on sale & rental income

Joint Venture provides the investors with the opportunity to partner with the Mistoria Group and purchase a HMO property or a Buy-to-Let property as a BMV in Joint names and then jointly fund the renovation and refurbishment costs resulting in a high value, lower cost investment property that will be fully market ready within 3-5 months.

Similar to Merchant, this option offers both the investor and Mistoria the opportunity to purchase, renovate and either sell or hold multiple properties on a regular basis. By reducing the cycle times of purchasing, renovating and selling on properties you can maximise your returns quickly and in a short space of time. As this type of investment may be subject to tax implications, you are assigned a personal investment manager to help you manage your projects, whilst ensuring you receive the maximum benefits from your investment strategy. Both the investors and Mistoria are typically responsible for refinance or finding an end buyer and to realise the capital uplift at the time of sale.

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