Armchair Investment

Armchair Investment Example

Min Capital Needed: £130,000

Nature of Investment : Buy-to-hold and Refinance

Holding Period: On going

ROI: 8 to 13% cash / gearing, rental income plus capital appreciation

Armchair provides the perfect opportunity for investors to buy and own an investment property outright in their own name. Armchair can also be financed using a mortgage and come fully furnished and tenanted to ensure you are receiving a return on your investment from day 1 of completion. We offer a full complement of services ranging from complete sourcing, renovations to interior design and full property management as part of the package.

All our services are designed to meet your individual needs and requirements, whilst also consistently adding-value through our efficient management processes to produce strong returns on your
investment. In addition, you actually own the investment in tangible form. Whilst receiving extensive returns through the rental market, you can also look forward to the extensive capital appreciation your investment will bring. The ultimate returns achievable will be determined by the type and level of cash/gearing used, although returns between 9% (cash) and 15% (gearing) are typical with this type of property investment.

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