How much rent do you get for HMO?

Boasting irresistibly high rental yields and wonderfully low rental void periods, it’s no wonder that property investors and landlords alike are increasingly searching for HMO (house in multiple occupation) opportunities in the UK. To find out whether investing in a HMO to meet the increasing market demands is worth it, we take a look at…

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Do you pay tax on HMO?

do you pay tax on hmo

It’s no secret the rules and regulations surrounding houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are more complicated than standard rental properties. Add HMO council tax to the mix, and it’s understandable why both landlords and HMO tenants may be unsure which bills they each need to pay. So, who pays council tax in an HMO? Let’s…

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What is a HMO or a House in Multiple Occupation?

student property investment specialists

An HMO stands for ‘House in Multiple Occupation’. Although we often see the term “HMO” used in the media and on company websites, many people including landlords are actually unclear as to whether the property they own and rent out is classed as an HMO. To help with this we have done some research for…

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