Tips For Creating a Profitable HMO

liverpool student property investments

As student property investments experts, we know landlords and property investors are increasingly being drawn to HMO properties. This due to their potential for high yields and high occupancy rates. Demand for such properties, which is already impressive in university towns, is set for even further growth following the Government’s recent introduction of the ‘Graduate…

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PRESS ARTICLE: Investment in Student Property is Booming

Private equity firms are ramping up their investments in the UK’s student accommodation market, pumping hundreds of millions of pounds into a resilient sector, with an eye on high rental returns in post-Brexit, post-Covid Britain. Recent research from real estate advisors, Jones Lang Lasalle reveals that one-third of deals for student property in 2021 so…

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End of Stamp Duty Holiday: first deadline fast approaching

stamp duty north west

The Stamp Duty holiday in England will end on 30th June 2021, lowering the nil rate band from £500,000 to £250,000 for all but first-time buyers, who have a threshold of £300,000 before stamp duty is due. The rates will then change again in October to return to the standard amount pre-Covid-19. The temporary nil…

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National Landlord Investment Show May 2021

The Mistoria Group MD, Mish Liyanage, will be presenting at the upcoming National Landlord Investment Show – Nationwide Online Super-Show. The event takes place on Wednesday 26th May. Mish’s presentation is entitled “Top Tips in Social Housing HMOs”. The event programme starts at 9:30am and Mish’s presentation is at 11:15am. Anyone who would like to…

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PRESS ARTICLE: Is now a good time for first time investors to purchase BTL property?

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie famously said that 90% of millionaires secured their wealth by investing in real estate. But is there still money to be made in property, despite Covid-19 and the Government’s recent BTL tax measures? Recent research from the National Residential Landlord’s Association survey that the Coronavirus has not so far had any significant impact on their…

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Liverpool Buy To Let Hotspots

liverpool buy to let

Liverpool continues to top buy-to-let hotspots with yields in excess of 10%, according to research by TotallyMoney. Liverpool’s L1 city centre postcode tops the buy-to-let yield table with a potential 10% return on investment and a current asking price of around £90,000. This area includes the central retail area (including Liverpool One), the commercial district…

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Student Property Investment in 7 Steps

student property investment salford

Before you begin investing in the highly lucrative student property market, there are seven key issues you need to consider. In this blog post, we’ll reveal what they are, as well as explaining why we think Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) make more secure investments than so-called ‘student pods’ (PBSA).  Step 1: Cost Per Metre…

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2020 BTL Legislation Changes

manchester student investment property

It sometimes feels like the changes the Government makes to BTL (buy-to-let) laws are never ending. 2020 will be no different; a number of new pieces of legislation are set to be introduced in April, which will drastically alter the way landlords and investors operate. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the biggest…

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Investing in Student Property in the North West

north west student property investment

At the Mistoria Group, we’ve seen a huge increase in interest in North West student property investment. Investors and landlords are increasingly recognising the exceptional returns afforded by the region. Three of the key cities in which we operate and in which our investors have the most success are Liverpool, Bolton and Salford. We’ve put…

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