Can a Foreigner Invest in UK Property?

Can a Foreigner Invest in UK Property

In a world of increasing globalisation, investing in foreign property is – in theory – more accessible than ever. Property investment opportunities in the UK are rich and diverse, and they are open to people living outside of the union’s borders. However, investing in foreign property can be more complex than investing in British property…

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How to convert a property into a HMO

HMO rental

Looking for your next investment venture? Why not consider turning a house into a HMO? If you’re eager to make the most out of your money with a HMO conversion, then you’re in the right place. From obtaining the required planning permission to ensuring your new HMO property is compliant with the latest rules and…

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Why HMOs are a landlord favourite once more

Mish Liyanage

HMOs are rapidly gaining in popularity with a wider range of renters on a budget, according to the boss of one of the country’s largest property investment firms. Mish Liyanage, founder and CEO of Mistoria Group, believes HMOs now appeal to more people including professionals, especially those who are progressing through their careers and want to…

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Why Invest in the North West?

north west hmo property investments

If you live outside of the UK and are an investor looking at the market, you may naturally look first in London. The Mistoria Group believe however that the North West of England and in particular areas such as Salford, Bolton and Liverpool are strong areas for property investment and ones that will bring you…

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Tips For Creating a Profitable HMO

liverpool student property investments

As student property investments experts, we know landlords and property investors are increasingly being drawn to HMO properties. This due to their potential for high yields and high occupancy rates. Demand for such properties, which is already impressive in university towns, is set for even further growth following the Government’s recent introduction of the ‘Graduate…

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National Landlord Investment Show May 2021

The Mistoria Group MD, Mish Liyanage, will be presenting at the upcoming National Landlord Investment Show – Nationwide Online Super-Show. The event takes place on Wednesday 26th May. Mish’s presentation is entitled “Top Tips in Social Housing HMOs”. The event programme starts at 9:30am and Mish’s presentation is at 11:15am. Anyone who would like to…

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Lease Options Explained

lease options north west

Lease option deals – also known as “rent to buy” or “lease with the option to buy” – are essentially agreements in which a tenant or investor leases a property from a seller with the option to purchase when the lease expires, or at any point within the duration of the contract. In this arrangement,…

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Pick My Pad Targets 250 Properties Under Management

The first quarter of 2020 was a difficult time for Bolton based Pick My Pad Estate Agency, with COVID-19 and the tragic death of one team member, followed by the serious illness of a second. With staff temporarily seconded from parent company Mistoria to cover their clients, the Pick My Pad team has now recruited…

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