Investor Case Study: A Strong Investment Asset with both Rental Yields and Capital Appreciation

Investor Profile

Client Name: MKF

Investment Summary: This investor has two HMO properties with Mistoria as an “Armchair Investor” because the North West is a promising area with lots of room for growth.

Here, MKF explains why he selected the Mistoria Group to grow his own property portfolio in the North West.

How many properties do you own?

I have two HMO properties with Mistoria as an “Armchair Investor” so they have taken care of all certification and details on my behalf.

Why have you chosen to invest in the property market?

Property gives you a strong investment asset with both rental yields and capital appreciation.

Why did you choose to invest in the North West of England?

I am investing in student HMOs therefore the North West is a promising area with lots of room for growth.

Why did you choose to invest through the Mistoria Group?

Mistoria is specialist in student HMOs, especially Mish as he invests himself in property himself and this allows Mistoria to understand their clients better. I used to work with another agent who was unable to rent and manage a property and was therefore suggesting to me that I sell or let the property to a family. At that time, we were asking £85 per room per week. After I started with Mistoria and took Mish’s advice, Mistoria let the property for £100 per person per week and the property was let immediately. These results speak for themselves, no investor wants their property empty and with no rental income.

The North West is ranked #1 for Property Investment

In January, the Property Reporter website carried news of research that highlighted the opportunities available in the North West for property investors.

To quote them “New research has revealed that the North West is the best place to invest in buy-to-let properties across England and Wales. The analysis, carried out by AI powered property investment portal, has ranked the top 172 buy-to-let locations using its unique algorithm.”

This is just one source and it is always worth doing more research on your own but we are confidant they will not be alone in highlighting the ongoing potential of the region. Salford, Liverpool, Bolton and Manchester are all areas where the right property can be turned into a sound investment, as long as you know where to look.

Investing through the Mistoria Group

The Mistoria group specialise in the high yielding student and professional accommodation market across the North West and have a solid presence in Salford. Delivering a strong monthly cashflow and annual cash net yields of 13% (rent and capital), depending on the type of property investment product chosen. With the rate of return on student property generally higher than any other property type and student numbers remaining strong, investing in the student market can provide an excellent return on your investment, with the right company and in the right location.

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