How to build your HMO portfolio faster?

Overseas Property Investment in UK

It’s no secret that high-yielding HMO’s (houses of multiple occupation) typically make for lucrative property investment opportunities, but how can you accelerate the growth of your HMO portfolio? The team at Mistoria Group has more than 200 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured that our top tips for HMO deal sourcing are…

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Are student lets a good investment?

student property accomodation as an investment opportunity

Considering investing in student accommodation? Having built an impressive reputation for both sourcing and managing student investment property in Liverpool, Salford, Manchester, Bolton and many other areas, the Mistoria Group team can help you to decide whether this type of property investment is right for you. Find out whether student letting is a good investment…

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What are the minimum requirements for HMO?

Are you keen to either begin or expand upon your property investment portfolio with a house of multiple occupation (HMO) opportunity? Why not consider making a HMO property investment with Mistoria Group? With over 200 years of combined experience, we’re experts in this industry and can help you to find the perfect HMO property to…

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Meet the Board of Directors

The Mistoria Group, which is currently in its 13th year, has appointed a board of directors to run the day to day operations with effect May 2022. Mish Liyanage, the CEO and Founder will focus on the overall growth and development of the business; £200M property fund related works, as well as expanding the Group’s…

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How much rent do you get for HMO?

Boasting irresistibly high rental yields and wonderfully low rental void periods, it’s no wonder that property investors and landlords alike are increasingly searching for HMO (house in multiple occupation) opportunities in the UK. To find out whether investing in a HMO to meet the increasing market demands is worth it, we take a look at…

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Do you pay tax on HMO?

do you pay tax on hmo

It’s no secret the rules and regulations surrounding houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are more complicated than standard rental properties. Add HMO council tax to the mix, and it’s understandable why both landlords and HMO tenants may be unsure which bills they each need to pay. So, who pays council tax in an HMO? Let’s…

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Has the North West property market become overheated?

It has been a buoyant two years for the property market as house prices reached record levels with demand for properties outstripping supply. But with rising interest rates and the cost of living crisis, will the confidence and momentum in the property sector continue through 2022 and beyond? Read the full article on thebusinessdesk website.

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What is a HMO or a House in Multiple Occupation?

student property investment specialists

An HMO stands for ‘House in Multiple Occupation’. Although we often see the term “HMO” used in the media and on company websites, many people including landlords are actually unclear as to whether the property they own and rent out is classed as an HMO. To help with this we have done some research for…

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HMO Property Investment in Salford

hmo property investment in salford

With the meteoric rise of Manchester as the unofficial capital of the north, more and more people are looking to move to the city, but with prices in the centre rising many young people are looking to Salford as a cheaper alternative. During the last five years, the city has seen a huge amount of…

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