The Mistoria Group, which is currently in its 13th year, has appointed a board of directors to run the day to day operations with effect May 2022.

Mish Liyanage, the CEO and Founder will focus on the overall growth and development of the business; £200M property fund related works, as well as expanding the Group’s south Manchester operations.

Rob Flint, Finance Director, will oversee the growth and expansion of MCC Accountants, whilst overseeing the group’s finance and risks and control systems.

Steve Ryan, Estate Agent Director, will over see all of the Mistoria Group’s property branches; sourcing, lettings, sales and acquisition of new estate agencies.

Bobby White, Renovations and Maintenance Director, will oversee all internal and external maintenance and renovations works, as well as expanding this arm of the Group.

With over 150 years’ experience between them, the director board is expected to play a pivotal role in company growth and profitability, whilst meeting and exceeding all stakeholder expectations.