property investment student accommodationTwo Northern cities have made it into the Telegraph’s article Property Investment: 20 best places to make money outside of London. East Manchester and its surrounding areas are featured, as well as Newcastle.

Location is one of the most important aspects of property investment. Clients will have requirements such as transport links, distance from where they work/study and what the area has to offer such as bars and eateries. Conducting thorough research is important when investing your money.

The Telegraph’s article explains that Newcastle is a prime investment area due to its large student population and high yielding housing market. Investing in student rentals is becoming increasingly popular as there is such a high demand.  Universities can’t supply all of their students with accommodation therefore private property investors have taken advantage of this gap in the market.

Student accommodation is an alternative to traditional investments. The process involves renovating properties to appeal to the student market, providing each tenant with their own room and a communal area/kitchen. This type of rental, known as an HMO, allows the investor or landlord to charge per tenant or per bedroom, generationg a higher income than a residential let.

Newcastle and Manchester have five universities between them, making them perfect for student property investment. The number of universities in each city mean there are little limitations when looking for the right location, both cities have reliable transport links therefore no area will be too far from a university.

The surrounding areas of the both cities are prime locations for accommodation. Most students will not want to pay city centre rental prices, which is why Mistoria have chosen properties in areas such as Salford and suburbs of Newcastle which are more reasonably priced for investors and residents.

Mistoria specialise in student property investments. We have many properties in the North of England, including Salford, Newcastle, Liverpool and Preston. Find more detailed information on our different types of investment or call 0800 500 3015 for advice about what investment opportunity would suit you best.