‘Mistoria Lettings’, part of the Manchester based property investment company, the Mistoria Group, have launched a ‘Best Kept House’ competition for those living in their rented student accommodation, with the winners receiving a week’s holiday in Ibiza and £1000 spending money.

The initiative, aimed at encouraging students to keep their rented homes clean and tidy, will entail a member of the Mistoria Lettings team inspecting each house per quarter, with a final winner chosen at the end of the tenancy in June. Entrants will be judged on a number of criteria, including maintaining cleanliness in communal rooms and individual bedrooms, in addition to ensuring that both front and rear gardens are kept in a satisfactory condition. Consideration for the environment is also a contributory factor in winning the award, with tenants encouraged to consider utility usage both carefully and sensibly.

Mistoria Lettings Director, Paul Gwynne said “We are delighted to be able to launch the ‘Best Kept House’ competition. Hopefully, it will present a fun and light hearted approach in inspiring our tenants to take pride in their rented homes and maintain them on a consistent basis. Most importantly, it also ensures that the house is returned to us at the end of the tenancy in its original condition, thus saving the landlord money over the duration of the lease.”

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