We offer international property investors a range of UK property investments based on HMO Student and Professional properties. With excellent returns and capital growth, investing in the North West of the UK is booming and provides investors with a range of options to expand their portfolios.

Student property is a very profitable asset class giving robust returns. For example, in the North West a high quality HMO which will house four students, can be purchased for £160,000. The return on investment is very attractive too, with 13% (8% cash rental and 5% capital growth). There is a buoyant market for this type of student property. If you are building a portfolio, you can lend on your equity in the HMO to fund further investments.

For overseas investors who rely on capital appreciation to make the investment attractive, the issues surrounding UK Capital Gains Tax are a worry. With our HMOs, the very healthy returns are due to net rental yield, which are not subject to Capital Gains Tax.

As an acknowledged expert and established market leader, Mistoria International will source the tenants, manage both them and the property and handle all of the administrative tasks. Our Mistoria Group companies handle Lettings, Maintenance and Estate Agency services and are all well established businesses in the region.

If you are an overseas investor, or reside out of the country, the income could be paid to you without tax deductions. Our internal accountancy team will manage all of the transactions for you and answer any questions you may have.

Our investment section offers you an indication of currently available properties, but we also offer property research to find the investment properties you are looking for, so please give us a call or email to discuss your requirements at or 0800 500 3015.