Outside of Mistoria’s work as specialists in high yielding property investment in the UK, we support a range of community projects both in the UK and internationally. With our CEO Mish Liyanage’s family background coming from Sri Lanka, we have chosen to support some fantastic causes for young people and those who have suffered through conflict.

As a company that is heavily involved in the housing sector in the North West, we have also joined forces with several other businesses and individuals in the region to work to reduce homelessness in the local community.

In this, the first in a series of blog posts exploring the work of the projects we support, we tell you about the work of the Meththa Foundation.

The Meththa Foundation

The Meththa Foundation, whose motto is “Waste Not Want Not”, was founded in Birmingham in 1995, and gained charity status in the UK in 2010. It was created to support disabled people in Sri Lanka without bias or exceptions.

The foundation’s main concern is providing prosthetic limbs for those injured by war in Sri Lanka. To date they have supplied over 5500 limbs (which are made using recycled components from the UK) to the most vulnerable patients. They see one thousand patients per year, of which roughly half receive a prosthetic. Each limb is custom made to individual needs.

With two state of the art clinics in the country, the foundation has now expanded its operations to other war-torn areas including Northern Uganda. Here they are using their expertise to train local prosthetists who will visit their clinics for further training in 2019. The University of Salford has also provided training to a graduate level to certain prosthetists. As the foundation has grown, it has also developed its own research and development programme, which enables it to fabricate some of the key components itself.

Alongside the two clinics at Mahawa and Mankulam, the foundation also offers a mobile outreach service, which brings services to difficult-to-access rural areas.

Mistoria is supporting The Meththa Foundation with financial sponsorship of a cultural evening for 150 guests taking place at Worsley Courthouse on 14th December. Our CEO Mish Liyanage will make a presentation to the assembled guests, and the profits from the ticket sales will all be channelled to the Foundation and the incredible life-saving work that they do.

For further information on the charity please visit their website.