A Woollhead, Property Investor

The sale of 16 S*****k Street completed this afternoon.  I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with the property over the years and in particular over the past 6 months. I really appreciate all you have done.

P. Campbell, Property Investor

Just a short note to say goodbye as 50 M*****d Street is now sold. I have closed out a number of my investments in the last year and I wanted to tell you that my investment with Mistoria was the stand-out, best investment I have ever made. The yield was always good, the capital gain turned out much higher than I thought and the service was always exceptional. May I wish you the best of luck for the future.

An overseas investor

Living overseas, it is important to me that I have peace of mind with my investment.  I have been using Mistoria for many years to manage an HMO and they have been exceptional in all aspects from billing, getting tenants and resolving issues.

Ms FS – Multiple HMO Investor

Both properties tenanted. A great result! Thanks for all your input and personal attention.

Mrs JM – A New HMO Investor

First may I thank you for helping me with this brilliant investment I’m so glad I went with you and your ethical company. I love being part of Mistoria Investment.
Again, all praise to your company you’ve been a big support to me already and it’s wonderful to know there are business people you can trust as well.

An investor with four properties

I was looking long term at how to invest both savings and forthcoming pension lump sums. HMO properties was definitely my preferred option being based on bricks and mortar with good returns. However the best returns on capital invested were nowhere near my home area. I also didn’t want the day to day hassle of being a landlord but wanted to ensure my properties were legal and fit for purpose.

Mistoria helped me source two fully let armchair properties which enabled me to evaluate Mistoria as the agents. I now have purchased another two vacant properties for which Mistoria arranged the repair work and almost immediately found tenants for one of the new properties.  The service has been prompt, sensible and professional and I am looking at adding some more properties to my portfolio utilising the resources of Mistoria.

An overseas investor whose property we have managed for 3 years

“As an overseas investor, I needed assurance in a company through every stage of the process, and The Mistoria Group have provided just that. Their professionalism and commitment meant that my armchair deal really was hassle free.”

This investor has been with Mistoria for 2 and a half years.

“Although the financial rewards have been attractive the thought of having to find tenants and constantly worry about whether they were looking after my property has always put me off being a landlord. But Mistoria have solved that problem with the Armchair Deal, they look after everything for me and I still get a fantastic yields on my property, I would recommend anyone looking for a passive income to look at what they can achieve with Mistoria.”


“Having worked with the Mistoria Group on 3 properties and with another 2 to 3 currently in the pipeline, MSS Real Estate is thrilled with the working relationship it has with Mistoria. The Mistoria Group have provided MSS Real Estate with a full property investment service, ranging from the sourcing of potential assets, through refurbishment and all the way to the letting and management of the properties.

Mistoria Group provide a high quality of service to their clients/partners, not only demonstrated by the high finish of the properties post renovation, but also by the fact that investors are kept continuously informed with all workings/ procedures that are being carried out on their properties. These works come in on time and on budget.

With the excellent structure and team Mistoria have in place, led by Mish Liyanage, MSS Real Estate are looking ahead to a huge expansion of its student accommodation portfolio aided by the services of the Mistoria Group. With the strong amount of opportunities on offer in the market and the fact that Mistoria have a team dedicated to finding the very best properties, there is huge potential for MSS Real Estate and Mistoria to be at the forefront of the student accommodation property market for years to come.

Mr KA, Investor

I was interested in buying a property to earn a supplementary income. I neither had the time nor the knowledge to search for an appropriate property. Mistoria found me a property which needed a lot of renovation work. They came up with a plan, rebuilt it and renovated it to a high standard. It is now fully let, earning me the income I need.

Investing in the North West

If you would like to discuss how investing in property in the North West will help you build an excellent investment portfolio, please contact one of our team on 0800 500 3015.