The Mistoria Group is planning to raise £15k for the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, the Liverpool Oncology Centre, and Centrepoint, to mark the 10 year anniversary of their North West property business. Mish Liyanage, the Group’s CEO, has experienced first hand the excellent work that both hospitals undertake following his treatment for eye cancer, and the Group is acutely aware of the homelessness problems facing vulnerable young people in the North West.

Here are some details about these 3 brilliant charities and why we are raising funds for them:

The Liverpool Oncology Centre

The Liverpool Oncology Centre specialises in cancers and tumours of the eye. Patients travel from across the world to be treated by the dedicated team, who deliver a high level of care to patients and their families. Their continued success is down to both patients who donate tissue for research, and the generous financial support provided by former patients, which is used to purchase state of the art equipment to study eye tumours.

You can find out more about the Royal Liverpool Charity by following this link their website here.

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Our Liverpool Oncology donation page

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, the second of The Mistoria Group charities, provided Mish with important radio proton therapy and delivered successful treatment on his optical nerve, saving his sight. He was hugely impressed by the dedicated care, attention and support provided by the hospital team not just to himself but also to his family. The Group recognises the vital need for further investment to improve research facilities and transform cancer care for those in the region who require it.

You can find out more about the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity by visiting their website here.

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Our Clatterbridge donation page


Centrepoint plays a vital role in helping homeless young people find homes and jobs every day, creating real change and giving vulnerable people a future. The Mistoria Group acknowledges the efforts Centrepoint undertakes in Manchester and the North West and we want to play a role in its continued efforts to raise funds and increase awareness

You can find out more about Centrepoint by visiting their website here.

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