Speed Of Sight is run by blind race car driver and multiple World Record holder Mike Newman and his co-founder John Galloway. Mish Liyanage, CEO of The Mistoria Group, has committed to sponsoring a track day each year for the next five years, and will be inviting staff to participate in a blindfold drive.

Mish found out about Speed Of Sight when he met one of the co-founders, John Galloway, at a networking event and was inspired by the charity and the work it does.

Mish said: “I’m thrilled and very honoured to be asked to be an ambassador for this incredible charity, I’ve not known it long but I know that the work it does changes people’s lives and I’m excited to be a small part of that.”

“I think that sometimes we take things for granted, especially the fact that we can drive, and if we can help bring that joy to someone else’s life, I’ll contribute wherever I can. I’m very happy to introduce this charity to my company and as part of Mistoria Foundation charity. I’m sure it will have a positive impact on their lives and be one we can all get behind to support.”

Mike Newman commented: “We’re thrilled that Mish is joining our family and is becoming an ambassador for us. We’ve not known him long but he’s so enthusiastic in everything he does, so I’m certain that he’ll bring that same exciting energy to the charity and help support us. We truly appreciate all he’s doing for us and we’re looking forward to 2022!”

Speed Of Sight runs events which empower disabled people of all ages. These events, held nationwide, allow a disabled child or adult a chance to forget, if only for a little while, that they have a disability.