liverpool student property investmentGeorge Osborne is set to visit Liverpool today to discuss plans to inject almost £40 million into the city’s university district.

A percentage of this figure will go towards a new science and technology development in the area. The University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University are currently setting up a £15 million ‘Enterprise Zone’ – to which the government will contribute £5 million. The zone – known as Sensor City – is set to house new hi-tech businesses with a focus on sensor technology. Sensors are currently a field of technology highly in demand, as they act as the crucial link between devices and the world around them, and Sensor City aims to be one of the leading spaces for work in this field. Not only will it provide ample research and learning opportunities for students, professors and academics, it will also create numerous jobs (both during and after the build) for locals and recent graduates as well as encouraging more prospective students interested in science and technology to choose Liverpool.

The other £34.4 million is due to be invested into the city’s transport, specifically into the Atlantic Gateway Project which aims to create 250,000 in a stretch of developments between Manchester and Liverpool. The funding will go towards improving rail connections between Liverpool and Cheshire, Warrington and North Wales, which will create commuting routes for those looking for work in Liverpool, as well as making it easier for Liverpool students to journey between home and university and tourists to visit the city. The money will also go towards improving road safety, creating easier access to Liverpool Airport and upgrading car parking and local public transport links.

There have been several developments by the government within the last few months which focus on building a’Northern Powerhouse’ – making the most of the potential of northern cities, creating jobs and improving transport between popular northern locations such as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. This initiative is particularly exciting due to its focus on Liverpool’s universities and the potential of young people in the science and technology industries. Robert Hough, chair of the Liverpool City Region local enterprise partnership, said, ‘The Sensor City initiative will provide the necessary platform for the universities to work closely with business, industry and other organisations to share expertise and knowledge in the field of sensors that will drive forward innovation on both a local and global scale and which will in turn create jobs and boost growth’, demonstrating the project’s potential.

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