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Is it still possible to make money from property?

Yes, it’s still very possible to make money from property. However, knowing which properties make the most lucrative investment opportunities isn’t always straightforward.

Instead, plenty of research is often required to identify the best location and property type to meet your specific property investment requirements.

10 ways to make money from property

Unsure which type of property or investment approach will make the most profit? Below, we identify ten different ways that you can make money from property.

Renovate neglected properties

While purchasing and completely renovating a property in poor condition isn’t for everyone, it can help you to increase your profitability.

Although the scale of work and original purchase price will naturally make a big difference to your bottom line, investing in a fixer-upper can be one of the fastest ways to get a good return on your investment.

Look out for under-priced properties

One way you can snap up properties for a good price is by having a strong relationship with your local estate agent.

They can notify you when BMV (below market value) properties come onto the market or when properties have their asking price reduced, helping you to act quickly and bag a bargain before they receive more offers.

Stay up to date with planned developments

Upcoming developments can make a massive difference to the value of some properties, but are often overlooked by investors.

For example, if you were to purchase a property in an area where there are plans to build a new train station, this could make the area significantly more valuable once these developments have been built. Potentially, this would allow you to sell the property just a couple years later for a substantial profit.

Convert houses into flats

With first-time buyers struggling to get onto the property ladder, many are looking for smaller, more affordable properties, such as flats. By converting a larger property into several flats, you’ll be meeting this demand and can choose whether to put them on the rental market or sell them after for a profit.

Invest in buy-to-let properties

While becoming a landlord is more difficult now than previous years, buy-to-let (BTL) properties can still deliver a great yield for property investors. This is because the rental market is growing and compared to other financial options such as investing in stocks or savings accounts, it’s deemed a better place to put your money.

Consider a commercial property

While fixing up a neglected property may seem more exciting than investing your money into commercial property, opting for a commercial property can be far more lucrative.

This is an ideal avenue to explore if you want to diversify your property investment portfolio or benefit from the greater stability of a long-term lease.

Rent out a room

Instead of purchasing a completely separate building to let or sell, renting out a room in your home is another way you can make more money from your property.

You could even convert your basement, loft, or another bedroom into a larger space with more facilities (such as a sink, ensuite, or kitchenette) if you want to charge a higher rental income.

Convert large properties into HMOs

Converting a large property into a HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) is a great way to increase your property profits.

Not only are these properties in higher demand from students and young professionals looking for more affordable accommodation, but they also tend to produce a higher rental yield than BTL properties.

Develop land

While land isn’t strictly property, you can certainly purchase land and then develop it for either residential or commercial use. While property development isn’t always easy, it can deliver quick and significant profits for those who get it right.

Invest in holiday homes

Compared to both HMO and BTL property investment, short-term holiday lets can be even more profitable! Instead of obtaining £1000 in rent for a BTL property, you could potentially receive this amount for just one week in a short-term holiday let.

Explore your property investment options

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